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Leonard Davies

artist statement

In 2007, after 40 years as a trial lawyer and author of two books I decided to learn how to paint.  After much reading and experimenting with different mediums I settled on oil painting.  The next question was what would be the focus?  Following a well known adage that artists should paint subjects they know and love for me it meant painting landscapes of “The Four Corners”.  This is the name of the land that surrounds the meeting point of  four states. It includes the  high desert of  northeast Arizona, the magnificent monuments of southeast Utah, the majestic mountains of  southwest Colorado, the enchanting canyons and geological wonders of  northwest New Mexico. 

The single defining aspect of this country the feeling of space where the skies and horizons extend seemingly forever. The overarching and harmonizing subject of this land is space and atmosphere occupied by objects that reinforce the infinite depth of the horizon and beyond, and the infinite up-reach of the sky.

The earth, the trees, the clouds exist more to create this space than for their own inherent interest, and to suggest that space is infinite, not defined, and extends beyond the limits of the frame.

These objects are carefully placed within a defined space to create  a sense of order, harmony, quiet, security and well-being.

I want to go beyond a picture and capture what I call “The Space”.  Something that  is part of the the universe that catches an echo of the infinite; a glimpse of an incomprehensible process; a hint of a universal law; paintings that enrich the experience and enlarge the inner world of the viewer.

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